Chamber music recital with works by Christodoulos Georgiades

Saturday, 17 October 2020 | 19:30
Pallas Cinema – Theatre, Lefkosia

Tasoula Vorka, Markos Kleovoulou| voice
Natalie Neophytou| oboe
George Georgiou| clarinet
Nikos Pittas, Nihat Ağdaç | violin
Gergana Georgieva, Nicolas Costantinou, Plotinos Mikromatis| piano



Burlesque, for solo violin (2003)
Serbian Dance, for oboe and piano (2018)
Love Knots, Eight Songs in four languages, for soprano and piano (2011)
Dialogues, for clarinet and piano (2005)
Omens, for baritone and piano on texts by Demetris Kraniotis (2005)
Guts and Ivories, for violin and piano (1999)

LMS invites you to an evening gala of chamber music dedicated entirely to works by Cypriot composer Christodoulos Georgiades. Nine remarkable artists promise a rich and diverse program in different instrumental combinations. Georgiades’s works, which are presented for the first time in Cyprus, cover a period of twenty years of his compositional output. The works reveal the multidimensional ingenuity of the composer, as well as his wide range of expression, ranging from humour to love and from folkloric references to subtle expressions of artistic creation. Amongst the works, the two song cycles Love Knots and Omens stand out. The first consists of eight songs to texts by William Blake, Anna Akhmatova, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Cypriot Demetris Lipertis, some of which have been set to music by a number of composers, while the latter is set to poems from the collection Spring Abyss by Greek poet Demetris Kraniotis.