It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to Ledra Music Soloists, an international performers’ network.
Since 2004 we have been working hard to succeed in realizing the following goals:

  • Promoting Classical Music in Cyprus
  • Promoting Cypriot and foreign composers and musicians through concerts, festivals and a number of other activities.
  • Creation and support of substructures for talented new musicians.
  • Entertainment and education of Cypriot audiences through various original initiatives.
  • Promoting Cypriot culture inside Cyprus as well as abroad.

Through our passion and innovative ideas we aim to break down the stereotypes associated with classical music in Cyprus. Our world is made up of intense and creative people from diverse backgrounds that enjoy life and have fun with “serious” music. It is an appealing and fertile ambient not only for the already initiated but for everyday folks, also, that share a similar passion for life and knowledge. We work to maintain the success that has already made LMS a vibrant platform of musical and cultural exchange in Cyprus with an optimistic outlook to the future.

Your support is vital to the continuation of our work.

Have fun exploring our site, catching up with our blog and listening to free recordings of our shows. You are welcome to join our mailing list by filling out the appropriate form. Membership fees are 35 euro annually and include a number of perks and facilitations.

We are also happy to accommodate new sponsors. Our competitive sponsorship program offers solutions at different levels. You can simply buy a number of tickets for your company’s clients or employees that will offer you a minimum use of our promotion facilities or you can proceed to more extravagant contributions that will increase your promotion in our advertising and initiatives. Contact us to receive our illustrative literature.

Each membership and support is greatly appreciated.

Nicolas Costantinou